7 Tips on How to Keep Your Casual Relationship Really Casual

Today many people decide to keep just casual relationship with their dates and avoid making more serious commitments. However, this type of relationship is possible only if both parties involved agree to keep them really casual. In other case, people start experiencing many problems and discomforts. Let's take a look at how to keep your relationship really casual.

1. Come into agreement

You have to be on the same ground with your date. If you take this relationship as casual, make sure that the other party has the same understanding of the situation. So, you may want to talk things over.

Of course, there is the risk of the break up, as the other person may not agree with you. But it is always better to stay honest.

2. Make rules

It's a good idea to come up with a list of rules for your casual relationship. For instance, you may not want to see your date daily and may want to make some time for him or her just ones in a week or so. Or, you may not want to introduce your casual date to your friends or family. Just come up with a list of rules and then share them with your date for his or her approval.

3. Do not get emotional

Emotional affection may make you to take your relationship one step further. So, if you really are set on keeping it casual, avoid getting too emotional about your date.

4. Avoid physical contact

Sometimes you may want to have just "platonic" relationship with someone. You like that person and you become good friends with them or you flirt with them, but no physical contact takes place. This is a good way to keep distance.

5. Keep the distance

One of the things to have in your casual relationship is to define your personal space, so to say and keep it really personal. Your casual date may not have the entrance to some of the areas of your life or your activities.

6. Have fun

Unlike the serious relationships, casual relationship may allow you to have much fun with little obligation involved. Just be friends with your date and have fun together.

7. Be honest

There might come a time, when the other person or you may want to change the state of things and take everything to the next level. Then you should be honest with each other and agree to go serious or to split up.

Hopefully, these simple tips on casual relationship would help you to sort things out in our life and to avoid extra pain and confusion on both parts. You surely do not want to hurt someone's feelings or to get your feelings hurt. So, make up your rules and follow them to the letter, unless you really fall in love and forget all about your rules.

Who knows, your casual relationship might go into something serious.

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